Blutdruck messen Therapy

Holistic medicine:
Health for body, mind and soul.

Health care for body, mind and soul - that is the credo, which Harry F. king and its specialized colleagues place in the center of their practice.

This holistic way of thinking and working leads to an interdisciplinary medicine, which is based on the three essential pillars of modern health care:

  • Classical medicine (orthodox medicine) - body
  • Complementary medicine (naturopathy) - mind
  • Mental medicine - soul
  • Summarizing this concept in holistic medicine with a broadly based diagnosis and therapy spectrum.

Dr. König & Kollegen with their specific competences stand for the contemporary and forward-looking approach of modern medicine: to optimally promote salutogenesis, the emergence and maintenance of health.

The personal discussion with the patient is extremely important for choosing the right therapy. We take a lot of time to explain examination results in a comprehensible way and to discuss the further procedure with you. It is also important for us to involve partners or the family where necessary and helpful.

This ensures that each patient receives an individualized and holistic preventive care and treatment concept.